Safety at TreeHoppersClimbing our aerial adventure park is an extremely safe activity as long as all of the Course Rules are followed. All climbers must follow the safety instructions from our expert park monitors and guides.

TreeHoppers set the gold standard for aerial adventure park course construction and management in Central Florida, with the following:

  • Our course was engineered to adhere to all industry standards for maximum loads and forces.
  • TreeHoppers was constructed by an expert team of fabricators, meeting or exceeding industry standard construction.
  • Each of our park monitors and guides receive a rigorous, ACCT-derived training program to fully prepare them for any scenario they may encounter.
  • Daily inspections of both aerial and ground elements take place before a single customer climbs in the park.
  • Climbing harnesses are provided to each participant. These are the same types of harnesses used by professional climbers throughout the world. Each customer is personally fitted by our expert park monitors and guides to ensure a snug, safe fit.
  • We use the proprietary Bornack safety lanyards with all of our climbing harnesses. While the cost of this safety system is several times more than what some of our competitors use, it is a nearly error proof system that even small children can use with ease. Simply put, the system is nearly impossible to unhook the Bornack safety lanyard from our lifeline cable system, even if attempted intentionally.

Trust TreeHoppers for a safe, adventurous day of fun!