Staying Healthy at TreeHoppers - Updated 3/21/2020
March 21, 2020

By: TreeHoppers

As the situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we want to update the community on how we will continue providing a memorable and safe outdoor adventure experience. Because we are an outdoor facility spread out over 15+ acres and because climbing at TreeHoppers is a “no contact” activity, we are able to provide a spacious outdoor activity that requires no close person-to-person proximities or physical contact.

In order to maintain a safe environment and address customer concerns, we are taking the following actions:

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols. We have increased the frequency of cleaning on our equipment and our pro-shop. This will include our standard cleaning procedures as well as an additional disinfecting procedure using Clear Gear harness cleaner to ensure each harness has been thoroughly disinfected.
  • Additional antibacterial products. Aside from our flush restrooms having hot water and antibacterial soap available for all customers, we will also be including hand sanitizer on the counters in our pro-shop.
  • No physical contact. Customers and employees may not engage in any physical contact including handshakes, fist bumps, hugs, etc., excluding one of our monitors who will be responsible for harnessing our customers, who will be wearing gloves and a facemask.
  • Updated waiver procedure. We will no longer be providing iPads for customers to complete their digital waivers. We are asking all customers to complete their online waiver either at home or by using their own smart phone. (Free guest WiFi will be available at our facility.)
  • Limiting climbers on platforms. We are limiting climbers to one climber per platform at a time. Climbers may not share a platform.
  • No congregating. We are asking all onsite customers to avoid congregating on the main starting platform or in the pro-shop.
  • Social distancing. Customers and employees must engage in social distancing, maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from each other (unless they live in the same household).
  • Taking temperatures. We will be taking the temperature of EVERY person at our facility (including climbers, employees, delivery drivers, parents, etc.) using a “no-contact thermometer.” If the temperature readout is above 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit (based on CDC recommendations) we will ask you to leave.
  • Employees and customers who are feeling sick and unwell. Employees who are feeling sick and unwell will be sent home. Customers who are feeling unwell should not visit our facility until they are feeling healthy.

We will continue to monitor and adhere to all regulations and advisories from the CDC and other local, state and federal government authorities to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

Geof Kledzik
General Manager