Your Brain on Nature
April 21, 2016

By: TreeHoppers

You probably plan friendly get-togethers with your friends via your phone or computer, right? While they’re a great way to stay in touch, spending all your time in front of these and other screens like TVs and tablets can be dangerous to your health. A get-together at TreeHoppers is the perfect chance to unplug and get out into nature.

Studies have shown that the hyper-stimulation from constant information bombardment can overload the brain, leading to serious issues like poor cognitive function. This is why spending time outdoors can actually lead to clearer thinking and a more positive outlook. As you and your friends spend hours exploring our aerial features and courses for every skill level, you’ll be detoxing from information overload.

Instead of gathering to watch the game or play video games, plan your next get-together at TreeHoppers. Let nature entertain you for a while instead of your screens, and you’ll all feel recharged and revitalized afterward.

If you want to have an awesome day of adventure up in the trees or plan a party with your friends give us a call at 813-381-5400 or use our Group Reservation Request Form.

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